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The Northern Pennines

The Northern Pennines are amongst the wildest and most unspoiled countryside in England.

An English area  comes to mind,

I see the nature of my kind

As a locality I love,

Those limestone moors that stretch from BROUGH


There is my symbol to us all.


'England to me is my own tongue', A New Year Letter, 1940. WH Auden 

WH Auden loved the Northern Pennines that he thought reflected the real England in contrast to what he saw as the 'low and dishonest' country of the 1930s.


Here's an illuminating account of WH Auden and the Northern Pennines by Anthony Toole.

This area of outstanding natural beauty and a UNESCO Global Geopark is one of the truly wild places left in England.  


An interesting website on walking in the Northern Pennines and with lots of good links - Bill's Walks.


Click on the map to connect to the Northern Pennines AONB website

Rookhope Arch

Bollihope, Weardale in Summer - by Paul Stangroom

Bollihope 6.jpeg

Bollihope in the snow - January 2021


Upper Weardale - the 1960s


The work of Paul Stangroom - Fine Art

Paul is a very talented North East artist who has specialised in depictions of the Northern Pennines.  My wife Shirley commissioned Paul to paint a picture of Bollihope to mark my 70th birthday (see above).  Here's a couple of examples of his other work that captures the bleak majesty of the uplands of Durham and Northumberland and its vanishing farm and country houses. Click on the link above to see the rest of Paul's work. 


Homage to Riddlehamhope,

Blanchland, Northumberland

Little Swinburne, Hexham, Northumberland


Paul Stangroom

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